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Get started

You can install Rinco SG using the following command:

$ npm install -g rinco

See the complete documentation here.

Css Preprocessors

Pure CSS is great, but what if we could code in a preprocessor like SASS or LESS? Even better, what if we could code in all of them together? That’s it, Rinco allows you to code in SASS, LESS and Stylus preprocessors at the same time, you are able to use a lot of the CSS library in different types of preprocessors. Give it a try.

JavaScript Compilers

JavaScript is one of the most important languages nowadays, and there are many solutions that allow us to keep a pattern. For this reason, Rinco implements Coffeescript. We know that ES6 is coming, so Rinco implements Babel, that allow us to code in ES6.

Template Languages

Rinco allow us to use Mustache and Markdown as template languages. Easy!


Performance is too much important to give a great experience for the user, because of that, we've been working hard to improve that, using the high level tools and best pratics for this job.

We are working to improve your workflow

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